Personal  & Small Group Training

Finding the right health and fitness specialist can be one of the most important decisions of your life. Hiring a fitness trainer or dietitian isn’t like buying a packaged product, what you get, and more importantly the results you get, are based on their experience and skill. Click 'See More' to find out how we can help you achive your goals.

Complex Health and Fitness Assessment

In today’s busy world, health assessments can offer a chance to stop and take stock of your health and wellbeing. They give you a picture of where your health is at currently, with guidance on how to move it in the right direction for the future. Click 'See More' to find out what is included in our Health and Fitness testing.

Sports Massage and Therapy

A Sports Therapist initially works with a patient immediately after injury through the use of first aid and trauma management. Following this stage, a Sports Therapist will provide an assessment, treat the injured area and rehabilitate the athlete until they are back to fully functional fitness. Click 'See More' to find out what treatments are available for you.

"Tom has provided me with a varied work out plan, which ranges from TRX, kickboxing, kettlebells, clubbells to bodyweight exercises; this keeps me entertained and challenged all at the same time.  His nutritional advice has been second to none and a great support to the diverse exercise schedule. My goals have shifted over time and Tom's training has too to reflect these changes as I have progressed.  From going from a sedentary lifestyle to a self-proclaimed gym rat, I have dropped weight by the stone, lost inches from my waist and I am happy to announce my abs have arrived!"

"Lady B"

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