TECfit Client Testimonials

Below is a snippet of what some of our clients have had to say about us.

Testimonials from Facebook:

"A supportive, motivational, qualified & knowledgeable individual in both exercise & nutrition.
Training is varied (indoor/outdoor), suits all levels and gets results! I especially enjoy the TRX class."


"Excellent I would recommend this to anyone. Highly motivational and very professional!"



Testimonial from Gemma R.


Having had a more than relaxed attitude to general fitness in the past and approaching my mid-30's at a startling pace, I knew I had to do something to right the years of indulgence and laissez faire approach to my own health.


With a sign up for my first ever sprint triathlon the following Spring, I started training outdoors with Tom in the winter of 2012, it was cold and bleak and I hated every second of it, mostly due to my chronic inability to believe I could be any good at it.

Tom, however, persevered with my negative attitudes and got me to really understand not just how to train effectively but also to take the time to understand my motivations for wanting to be fit and healthy - both of which I now understand to be absolutely vital to the success of any training plan.


Beyond the vanity of 'looking good', Tom has helped me achieve a fitness I truly didn't think I was capable of.

He really does make the work-outs fun, always armed with a smile and a laugh to keep me going when I want to give up but equally pushing me when he knows I'm not giving it my all.


Aside from his academic understanding of sports psychology, Tom has the skills and personality to put into practice what is really necessary to achieve those goals and to make that progress. In short, I couldn't recommend someone more. Thanks Tom!

Testimonial from Matthew K.

I approached Tom back in January 2013 after about four months of not exercising. I was carrying far to many extra pounds and had recently been told I had high blood pressure. I gave Tom a remit to get me back on track, get fitter and lower my blood pressure. With a block of PT sessions I have achieved this but I have not stopped there. Thanks to Tom's motivational skills I have continued to exercise and with his advice, have made significant lifestyle changes.


Once I had reached a certain level of fitness this gave me the confidence to start progressing my squash game. I no longer play a percentage game and now fight for every point as I have the motivation and more importantly the fitness to do so. I put this down to a number of specific PT sessions that I had with Tom which focused on this. 


Tom is layed back in his approach but professional. Tom isn't one to preach about fitness, nutrition, diet etc...one of his great qualities is that he will be happy to discuss the fact with you and let you make your own mind up. This is an approach which I feel is sometimes lacking in the fitness industry. Whether Tom is running a group session or individual PT his sessions are always fun, creative and you always get a feeling that you've worked hard.


Testimonial from Leanne B.


I had been thinking about losing weight for some time but never felt inspired enough to go to the gym, join a class, or run in the great outdoors.  After a long day at work it's very easy to slip into a routine of dinner, TV, a glass of wine (or two) then bed.

Despite eating relatively healthily, everyone knows that it’s a combination of diet and exercise that keeps you fit and helps you drop those unwanted pounds. I was committed to make a lifestyle change but didn't have the knowledge or, quite frankly, the motivation to do this alone.


From reading Tom's extensive qualifications online, I felt confident that he was the right trainer for me.


Tom has provided me with a varied work out plan, which ranges from TRX, kickboxing, kettlebells, clubbells to bodyweight exercises; this keeps me entertained and challenged all at the same time.  His nutritional advice has been second to none and a great support to the diverse exercise schedule.


My goals have shifted over time and Tom's training has too to reflect these changes as I have progressed.  From going from a sedentary lifestyle to a self-proclaimed gym rat, I have dropped weight by the stone, lost inches from my waist and I am happy to announce my abs have arrived!


I would have no hesitation in recommending Tom to any client; he'll discover the dormant athlete in you and wake them up!

Testimonial from Judith P.


I started using Tom as a PT when my friend won some sessions as a prize in a raffle which she was unable to use.  I was quite nervous about going along for my first session but within minutes Tom made me feel totally at ease.  His easy going, friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere and he makes each workout challenging, creative but most importantly fun!


Tom has motivated me to push past what I consider to be my limits to achieve results and has also helped me tremendously with nutritional advice.  Nothing is too much trouble and he is always there for support.  He is dedicated, organised, motivating  and if you are serious about changing your life for the better, Tom will lead you every step of the way. I heartily recommend him.


Judith P

Testimonial from Sarah W.


I highly recommend Tom as a personal trainer. His sessions were constantly varied and backed up with his extensive knowledge from recent published research. I also loved the banter throughout each session and his motivational tactics. All in all, he offers superb value for money and can absolutely help you attain the fitness level you are working towards.

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