TECFit Personal Training, Small Group Training and Health Assassment Prices


At TECFit, we have tried to keep costs down by avoiding large corprate gym costs, instead investing in our own little gym in a quiet corner of Prestwick village, Ponteland.

Personal Training


We offer discount on the prices above for clients who are looking for long term interventions, unlike some quick fix 12 week challenges, we prefer to have clients for longer periods (Years) so we are able to provide the truest form of personal training. Please Email us for a quote.


Sessions per week Cost per session
1 £30.00
2 £27.50
3 £25.00

Small Group Training: Costs can be split between 4 individuals.




Health and Fitness Testing


Our Health and Fitness testing uses the latest equipment to give you a true reflection of your current body composition, function, and fitness.


Your first session could last up to 2 hours, while we go through your goals, each assessment in detail and measure all results against current national guidelines.


This initial session costs £50, for this you get your initial assessment, a PDF report sent across with your measurements compared against national guidelines and recommendations on how to achieve your goals, including recommendations for local fitness providers in your area.


Follow up consultations could last up to 90 minutes, these include a full rerun of all tests and comparisons to your previous results. All follow up session cost £30.


If you are looking for just a quick Body Composition Anaylsis, including body fay %, Muscle mass and Hydration, these can be offered in a 10 minute slot for £10



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